Thinking of Retiring? (Adjuncts)

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Please be aware that Adjunct CUNY employees, teaching or non-teaching, are not eligible for Retiree Health Insurance benefits under the NYC Health Benefits Program or the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund. 

How do I get ready to retire?

Before making an appointment with the Retirement Counselor, please contact your retirement system and verify your total service is up to date. Service records are not automatically provided from CUNY to TRS. This is a manual process and members need to proactively contact TRS to make sure all service records (from all CUNY colleges where you have worked) have been sent to them before you are thinking of starting the pension payments.

After your Total Service is updated with TRS, then answer this questionnaire and email the information to Welfare Fund Retiree counselor Sandra Zaconeta,

When to file for the pension to begin?

Adjuncts who wish to start collecting their TRS pension payments should apply for the pension to begin once they have finished the semester (gone off payroll) if they want to get service credit for that semester. This is true especially if the Adjunct intends to start collecting the pension but continue working with CUNY. You must make sure your “retirement date” is when you are off of payroll before you resume work in the following semester.

Many of your other questions must be directed to Teachers Retirement System or New York City Employees' Retirement System. Here's a list of those questions and who to contact.

For information on the retirement process, please join one of the education classes/pension seminars offered by the retirement systems



If you have a Teachers' Retirement System pension account, call (888) 869-2877 or schedule an appointment (limited service with appointments) at the TRS office on 55 Water Street, New York, NY. Visit the very useful TRS website.

If you have a New York City Employee’s Retirement System pension account, call (347) 643-3000 or (877) 669-2377 and schedule an appointment with NYCERS. Visit the very useful website.


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