What happens if adjuncts don’t teach one semester but start up again the following one?

You lose your coverage for the semester you don't teach six hours, but you can re-apply for coverage (by submitting the application forms) if you resume six hours the next semester. If you do not teach for a semester in each of two out of three consecutive academic years, you will have to re-establish your eligibility by teaching six hours in the semester during which you apply for benefits, and at least one class in the previous two consecutive semesters.

Can I qualify by combining the hours I teach at different colleges?


Can my non-teaching and teaching hours be combined to qualify me for benefits?

Yes. Contact your campus HR office for details. 

Can I qualify by working at the Research Foundation?


Do summer or winter semesters count for eligibility?


I lost my eligibility. Where can I find insurance?

If you lose your eligibility and can't afford COBRA, New York's Health Insurance Marketplace is your next best bet. Click here


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