Long-Term Care (Full-Time Actives)

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Closed to New Enrollments

Enrollment in the benefit described here is closed. This description is meant to serve as a brief overview of the John Hancock program for current plan participants. A complete policy certificate is available to plan participants by calling 888-513-2071 or 800-543-7108.

Welfare Fund members who wish to enroll in a long-term care program may choose a benefit endorsed by New York State United Teachers (NYSUT). Information on the program offered by New York Long Term Care Brokers is available here.


This policy is intended to provide payment toward care that becomes necessary for persons unable to care for themselves due to chronic illness, severe physical impairment, the normal aging process, or cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer's disease or senile dementia, which requires constant supervision.

This long-term care insurance provides payment for services ranging from nursing home care to skilled nursing care to custodial care at home, including help with daily activities such as eating and dressing, to professional attention. It also includes services offered through adult day health care programs and other community agencies. The plans are designed to help safeguard financial assets and plan for the future by providing financial protection against the devastating cost of long-term care.

Some plan benefits vary according to personal choices made at the time of enrollment and during periodic premium rate increases. However, all participants have contracted for a specific Daily Maximum Benefit (DMB), usually an amount between $100 and $350, which is the most the insurance may pay for all covered services received on any day, for a term of four or five years, depending on the contract.

Participants become eligible for benefits when a John Hancock Coordinator verifies that eligibility requirements have been met. Generally, this is when the participant needs substantial assistance by another person to perform two or more of the five Activities of Daily Living: bathing and/or dressing, eating, transferring, toileting, and maintaining continence, due to loss of functional capacity which is expected to continue for at least 90 days. Benefits begin when a 90-day Qualification Period has been completed.

Personal Policy Information

Coverage under the plan varies according to choices made by policy holders at the time of enrollment and during periodic premium rate increases. For specific details, plan participants must refer to the individual certificate issued by the John Hancock company. If a certificate has been lost or misplaced, participants must call John Hancock at 888-513-2071 or 800-543-7108 for a replacement.


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