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Hearing Aid Out-of-Network Reimbursement

For out-of-network claims, you must first contact HearUSA at 1-800-442-8231 prior to your appointment to be eligible for a maximum $250 per ear ($500 maximum) direct reimbursement.

Please send your hearing aid receipt or proof of payment to:

HEARUSA Network Claims Department
P. O. Box 31927
West Palm Beach, Fl 33420

Or you may fax your claim to:

ATTN: HEARUSA Network Claims department
Fax # 561-651-2020

Please attach a letter to your claim stating your name, address, and phone #. Indicate that you are a PSC CUNY Welfare Fund member. 

For information on claims processing, please call Shirley Bravo at 800-528-3277  Ext. 106



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