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New Rules for Diabetic, ACA Medications, and Low-dose Statin Prescriptions

Welfare Fund members in GHI-CBP or HIP HMO who use their basic health insurance card when filling maintenance prescriptions for diabetic medications, ACA-covered preventive medications (including contraceptives) and low-dose generic statins will follow new routines.

Emblem Health has announced that, beginning Oct. 1, those in GHI-CBP or HIP HMO will be required to fill prescriptions for their maintenance medications by purchasing a 3-month supply at a participating Walgreens pharmacy or by mail order from Express Scripts. Otherwise members will be charged full cost.

Emblem Health will be sending letters on the new policy to all members who are currently filling prescriptions for maintenance medication at retail through GHI-CBP or HIP HMO.

To find a Walgreens pharmacy that participates in filling 3-month supplies, register at after Oct. 1. Select Prescriptions and choose Find A Pharmacy. The pharmacy can tell you how to transfer your prescriptions or start a new one.

To have diabetic medications, ACA-covered preventive medications (including contraceptives), and low-dose generic statins delivered to your home by mail-order, call Express Scripts, 866-890-1419, or register at They will contact your doctor to get your new prescription.


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