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New Year, New Attitude: Care & Wellness

Let Spring 2019 be the season you start taking better care of yourself. Use your Welfare Fund benefits to boost the quality of your life.

Dental Benefit

Members enrolled in the Guardian plan are entitled to 3 cleanings & check-ups per calendar year. Plus coverage has been increased for the most common & expensive procedures: dental implants, oral surgery, and crowns. Childhood orthodontia, too. The new schedule of reimbursements covers a broader range of dental codes associated with each of these procedures and covers them at a higher reimbursement rate. Here's how to find a dentist & make an appointment that will leave you smiling.

Vision Benefit

Have you been putting off an eye exam, squinting & cursing at specs that you can't see through anymore? We have 2 words for you: Free. Glasses. (Or contacts.) If you choose frames in the extensive Davis Vision collection, you can walk out of the store without paying a dime. See how easy it is.

Hearing Benefit

Tired of asking everybody to repeat what they just said to you? Listen up. Your HearUSA hearing aid benefit starts with a $1,500 per ear subsidy from the Fund. That's $3,000 off the top. Can you hear me now? Depending on the device you choose, you may have no co-pay. Find out more here and hear.

WorkWell NYC

WorkWell NYC is the City of New York’s innovative workplace well-being and health promotion initiative that places the health of each employee at the center. Programs include Weight Watchers, Quit-Smoking support, 5 K races and more. Be well on your way

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